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Registration Fee: All students pay on acceptance a, non-refundable registration fee of £20 for administration, to safe guard against a student not taking up a place previously agreed. (Holiday Courses Only)

Closing Dates: A closing date for the full amount will be stated for each course. Failure to pay by this date may result in the loss of a students place on the course.

Late Registration: A student may register for a class after the term begins as long as there is still space in the class and late registration is permitted by the tutor. The full class fee will apply through all terms - Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer terms. Other payment plans for late term starters will be at the discretion of Red Dot Theatre Company.

Payment: Red Dot Theatre Company accepts cash and personal cheques. Payments are also accepted over the Internet (BACS) by using Red Dot’s Account Number and Sort Code.

Class Fees: Students must register for an entire term. The full fee is due and payable at registration and funds must have cleared before a student will be allowed access to classes.

Returned Cheques: Red Dot Theatre Company charges a handling fee of £25 (cash only) for processing returned cheques. This applies to any cheque that is not accepted by the bank, building society or institution on which it is drawn, regardless of the reason. If your cheque is returned more than once or if more than one of your cheques is returned, you must pay all fees in full by cash, or BACS before you will be allowed to attend class or register again. If more than one of your cheques is returned you will be required to make all future payments by cash, or BACS.

Trial Classes: A trial class allows students to participate in the class before signing up for a full term. Red Dot permits one trial class per student. Flexible, loose-fitting clothing (no jeans) is required for Movement, Dance and Physical Improvisation.

Absentee Policy: Tutors have the right to drop a student with three consecutive unexcused absences. Red Dot Theatre Company will not issue a refund or credit for the balance of the course fee paid for that term. Annual registration fees are never refundable. It is your responsibility to contact Red Dot administration staff or notify your tutor when you are going to be absent. After two consecutive absences, Red Dot Theatre company representatives may contact you to determine your interest in continuing the class.

Teaching Faculty: Red Dot Theatre Company Tutors and Assistants all hold a full DBS check. While every effort is made to keep substitutions to a minimum, on occasion you may be taught, for as long as necessary, by a qualified substitute drawn from Red Dot's list of working professionals.

Class Schedule Changes: Class changes; additions and cancellations are updated weekly and posted on our boards and on our online news page.

Scripts and Lyric Sheets: All course material will be provided for students in sessions. If students lose scripts and lyric sheets a new one can be obtained for 50p.

Refunds, Transfers, Credits, and Withdrawals: There are no refunds, credits, or withdrawals as of the first day of the class for which you are registered. Red Dot Theatre Company will approve and process refunds, credits and withdrawals only on the DAY BEFORE the first day of class. Students must make all schedule changes in person, not by phone.

Termination: If you wish to leave Red Dot Theatre Company you MUST give a half-term's notice. Failure to do so will result in a full term payment being invoiced. If you leave after the start of a term, you must pay for the weeks you have attended in addition to providing the half-term notice in advance.

Disciplinary procedure:Red dot theatre company adopts a three warning disciplinary procedure for extreme, inappropriate behaviour. First warning - Parents will by notified at the end of session, second warning - parents will be contacted and a final warning - parents will be contacted immediately and a suspension from the following weeks class will be given. Disciplinary warnings may be applied for violent behaviour towards staff and students, swearing at a member of faculty or student, putting themselves or a member of Red Dot Theatre Company in danger. Red Dot Theatre Company reserves the right to refuse to teach anyone who engages in disruptive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour. Any student displaying threatening, intimidating, violent behaviour is subject to immediate expulsion.

Mobile phones: Mobile phones must not be used in class time. Students must not have mobile phone about their persons. No liability will be accepted for lost, damaged or stolen goods.

Attire: Students must wear suitable clothing and footwear for all sessions (no jeans). Flexible loose fitting clothing is required for all dance sessions, movement and improvisation sessions. Footwear such as jazz shoes, jazz trainers or pumps should be worn. Hair should be worn off the face and secured for all students, this is imperative to aid the teaching of varied techniques. For safety reasons no jewelery (except Medic Alert bracelets). For all performances black jazz shoes, jazz trainers or pumps are required.

Bad Weather Policy: Red Dot may have to cancel classes if the premises is closed by the Parish Council due to bad weather. All cancellations will be announced on the news page of the website and parents will be contacted as soon as Red Dot have been notified