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Singing: Each student will learn basic musicianship skills, including rhythmic development and pitching. Singing classes give a strong emphasis on the learning and development of tonal quality and projection to all students. Key recognisation will be predominant within warm up sessions and songs being taught in classes, working alongside this will be interval and harmony work. After the learning of material performance skills such as articulation and dynamic contrast will be another essential aspect.

Drama: Every student will gain script reading skills and will focus on characterisation and communication skills. Within drama warm up sessions and classes children will take part in group activities gaining team work skills and self esteem. After working with the text, the emphasis will be in using performance skills, such as integrating the use of the body alongside articulation and projection.

Dance: Within dance and movement classes participants will learn various styles of dance and additional creative skills. Children will work together to devise unique self-generated dance pieces which they will then perform. By providing an all-inclusive environment students are encouraged to share creative ideas with one another and form new social relationships. We aim to build self confidence, interpersonal and leadership skills. Dance promotes health and well-being and by using fun dance activities the children will work on their stamina, strength suppleness and co-ordination. During all activities students will gain presentation skills, spatial awareness and will work on rhythmic development.